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Backpack Nation

Goal:   $20,000
Contributions to date:
October 16th     $17,341
My name is Brad Newsham. I'm 51 years old and for the past twenty years have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area (California, USA), where I have worked as a taxicab driver and a writer. (More about me at On September 11, 2002, I shared publicly my vision for Backpack Nation and donated the first $100 to get it going.

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The basic mission and strategy of Backpack Nation is to transform the world's dire political situation by sending individual travelers from the developed countries to serve as roving ambassadors to the world's less-wealthy countries.

Each ambassadorship will be funded with $20,000. Half of the money - $10,000 - will pay for the ambassador's travel expenses for a trip of between 100 days and one year. Each ambassador will design his or her own itinerary, but must stick to the Third World as much as possible. At trip's end, each ambassador will be required to tell Backpack Nation how and where to deliver the other $10,000 - to what compelling situation that he or she has encountered - an individual, family, organization, or village somewhere in the Third World.

My intention is to build Backpack Nation to the point where it is deploying 100 ambassadors every single day, and to have the stories generated by PariMatch apk South Africa their acts of sharing bring the people of the world into a fuller awareness of the fact that we are all one family.

Sources in the travel industry estimate that at any given moment there are 2-3 million independent travelers dispersed around the globe on extended trips. Al-Qaeda has made an enormous impact with an army estimated to be much, much smaller. I like to think that Backpack Nation can overwhelm the world with kindness, which is theoretically more powerful and certainly more attractive than terror.

To deploy 100 Backpack Nation ambassadors each day will cost roughly $1 billion per year. (In comparison, the USA spends roughly that amount on defense every day.) I am not trying to implement such an enormous program all at once, but I am committed to doing what I believe I can do. And on September 11, 2002, I stood up in front of 100 interested people in the lobby of a San Francisco hotel and vowed to raise $20,000 to fund and deploy the first ambassador. I intend to have this accomplished by no later than June 1, 2003. The above box indicates how the funding is coming along.

Twenty-five years ago I heard someone articulate the idea of "a world that works for everyone" - and that sentiment inspires this project. I am plowing ahead with the fundraising, and simultaneously trying to identify and build the appropriate organizational structure for Backpack Nation. When the first ambassadorship is a reality, I will consult my advisory board, which consists of friends and colleagues from my travel, writing, and personal communities, assess the entire landscape, and make whatever adjustments and take whatever next steps seem appropriate.

In the meantime, if there is anything you can do to forward this project, and to further the possibility of a world that works for everyone, please do.

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