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Send $20
Receive a signed copy of "Take Me With You"

Several people have told me they would feel "silly" making a donation as small as $10 or $20. I, of course, welcome gigantic donations, but I can not overemphasize the importance of all donations, can not express how validating it is to see the counter bump up even a few dollars - or how deflating it is to see an empty PO Box and a stuck counter. So I have ordered 50 copies of the beautiful UK paperback edition of "Take Me With You" (my cost: $7.70/ea) and if you send a check for a minimum of $20 I will mail a copy to any postal address in America and put $10 (or more, if you send more) into Backpack Nation.


— Write a check for AT LEAST $20 to "Brad Newsham." Ten dollars (plus any extra amount you might send) will be donated to Backpack Nation.

— On the check's memo line write: "Book plus donation."

— Be sure to include the MAILING ADDRESS and a NAME for the inscription (is it a gift?).

— Mail to:

Brad Newsham
c/o Backpack Nation
PO Box 21347
Oakland, CA 94620

This transaction is NOT tax-deductible. It will work only with a mailed check - it does NOT work online. Book will be mailed in a padded envelope, book rate, and usually arrive in less than a week. (Customs forms and postal fees make this impractical to other countries - sorry). This is an experiment, and might be modified or discontinued at any time.  

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